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Ddr german shepherd

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I recommend a monthly wormer for puppies and adults over 9 weeks of age. I use Progard vaccines by Intervet. Vaccines Lyme etc. The reason for this is should there be a local reaction to a vaccine or a lump develop later in these areas you will know which vaccine caused these reactions. When I record the vaccines in the Health Record I peel the sticker off of the original vaccine vial and attach it to the lower portion of the Health Record.

I record the date, location the vaccine was given, vaccine sticker and initial. A vet will know where the vaccine was given, what brand, serial numbers of the vaccine and expiration date. I do let clients also know should they later feel a small pea to marble sized lump in that region that it could be as a result of a vaccine. I like to give it at 7 weeks to allow time for the vaccine to kick in as opposed to doing it at 8 weeks when a puppy may be leaving.

I do not like to hyper vaccinate by doing Lepto and Corona on their 1st vaccine also it is recommended that Lepto be given ONLY after 10 weeks of age and not before so do not vaccinate with Lepto under 10 weeks of age. Kennel cough is easily transmitted from dog to dog by contact with a contaminated animal, on the ground, or in a facility where affected dogs have been in such places as dog parks, Petstores, Veterinary Hospitals, boarding facilities and cargo facilities where animals are shipped.

We vaccinate all of our puppies here at 8 weeks of age or before they go to their new homes to aid in the prevention of Kennel cough and your puppy becoming infected during those first few weeks where the puppy may be traveling or in infected areas.

We recommend a kennel cough booster be given every 6 months if you are frequently in contact with common grounds and unknown dogs. On my puppy records I then recommend Boosters every 4 weeks as follows:. The Corona Virus vaccine may be optional in your area or not at a high risk in your area. It is a virus similar to Parvo but not as severe.

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I would check with your vet to see what they recommend for your area. Corona is a puppy virus and does not need to be re-boostered or vaccinated in adult dogs. In puppies however you need 2 boosters of it same as with Lepto. I absolutely recommend vaccinating against Lepto. Lepto is a bacteria. Leptospirosis is spread commonly by infected rodents and raccoons and passed through the contact with urine it is as well very contagious to humans.

It is common in our state and many others. The Lepto vaccine has very few side effects clinically with the Large breed dogs. There is a higher risk of side effects to smaller breeds.

Czech German Shepherds

Life saving vaccinations far out weigh the risk of possible side affects from the actual killed modified vaccine for this disease. Please check with your area for Rabies requirements in your state.

Puppies should be at least 12 weeks of age to be administered a Rabies vaccine.

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Prior to 12 weeks it may be rejected by the immune system due to the puppies own immunities from its mother so the puppy would not be fully protected from the disease. Because Rabies is required by LAW in many States, Rabies can only be given to puppies over 12 weeks of age for this reason and in order to receive a Certificate of Immunization.A properly breed GSD and the right fitting dog for your experience and expectations will be one of the most fulfilling of any breed, in my opinion.

Strict guidelines imposed on the breed resulted in the creation of the DDR German Shepherdone the finest working animals the world has ever had. The art of breeding is not in the two dogs being breed so much as its in both the dogs being breed and what happens when you mix the lines behind each dog.

Scatter breeding, mixing show lines or mixing West or American has resulted in the degradation of the East lines. Our breeding stock is potent because of the lack of scatter breeding. Our Male GSD. The demands of a working K9 and the needs of family companion and protector have changed.

We are committed to both, but breed for strength. Our Female GSD. The single hardest thing in breeding is being able to replicate the best, litter after litter. Its easy to spot our puppies and dogs. We bred with purpose, preserve the old lines, enhancing for todays working requirements and replicate litter after litter, solid worling shepherds. Looks like no other, strong in defense, supreme in intelligence.

Top quality family members and working dogs.

ddr german shepherd

We place our puppies into the right fitting environment. Every puppy is different just like each of your family members. Each are drawn to different skills sets. Tells us your needs and we will maximize the chance's of a perfect fit.

Working German Shepherd dogs Arizona The right lines, the right dog. Right here in the US. Available Puppies and Dogs Our concept is, that of a well-structured, perfectly balanced dog capable of performing at the highest known levels.

ddr german shepherd

Steps To Success.I feed biologically appropriate food to my females and puppies to promote good overall health.

Serotonin is produced in the brain and stomach. Building a Relationship with my forever puppy family is important to me as a breeder. I am a breeder that wants to have an open relationship with my forever puppy families, regardless the circumstance. Improve focus, confidence, calmness and impulse control.

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I am taking names for my waiting list for this breed. Puppy pick is in the order of deposit. In the event of an unforeseen problem that is out of my control due to mother nature, deposits will go to the next breeding. Welcome to Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds.

Contact Us. Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds. Bonding Games. Reinforces skills through play. Stimulates mind and body. Keeps them safe.

Boundary and E Fence training. Una Rieka Von Nordosten. Was bred to. Slobodan Stasi. If all goes well Puppies are due around. June 10th We first began breeding shepherds in a suburb of Chicago, and then 15 years ago we made the move out west to a small town in eastern Washington. We now reside near Gillette creek in the mountains of Colville, Washington.

ddr german shepherd

Our pups are being raised outdoors and are going through basic training with their mother and 2 adult females that accompany them and show them the trails around the property and through the creek. We like matching families with the right companion. We look forward to helping you find your ideal puppy. This particular family of German Shepherd dog was bred specifically for police work and was much sought after by the military for their profound working abilities, loyalty, trainability, and their dedication to their owners or handlers.

DDR Shepherds continue to work with police and military forces throughout the world. They continue to be the first choice as working dogs because of their intelligence. They currently are used for search and rescue and other police work. When raised with children at an early age, they will protect your children and family, along with being a fun playmate and companion.

Hip dysplasia, shoulder and hip injuries, are less likely due to the strict breeding requirements that were adhered to by East Germany then and by continuing this practice today this problem is potentially eradicated from this particular breed. We vaccinate our puppies at 8, 12, and 16 weeks.

They are for sale after the first shots. Puppies will come with their own pet passport that will have a list of vaccines given and a schedule for further vaccinations. We recommend any dog that is to be spayed or neutered, you wait until the pup it is a full year of age.

Of course check with your veterinarian for further advice. Our puppies go through the early neurological stimulation ENS program starting at day 3 through day 16 of age. For demonstration of this training, click here to watch the video.

We generally start weaning our pups between four to five weeks of age. At 8 weeks they are fully weaned and ready for their new homes.

We currently have 2 solid black males and 5 sable females. We currently have 2 sable females, 1 sable male, and 2 solid black males. Gillette DDR Shepherds. About us. Brian and Denise. DDR Shepherds.DDR dogs have a strong, solid, lean, muscular body, heavy bone construction and a large massive head. They have deep dark pigmentation and are not as angulated as West German show dogs. These dogs have a strong temperament, great working capacity and are well suited for Schutzhund, police work, search and rescue and many other tasks.

In the DDR the physical, drive, and mental characteristics and traits of Schutzhund and working dogs were rated by the Wertmessziffer system. More on this system can be found here. It would be an even tempered, good natured dog, yet very hard against influence. As reflected in the last two digits after the slash, hardness and sharpness would be very good. Only dogs that passed rigorous evaluations were permitted to reproduce.

DDR German Shepherd

This information was organized according to sires and dams and published periodically as a tool for breeders. This provided an exceptional tool for the improvement of the breed. By learning a little about the bloodlines, and by knowing who the key sires were, you can glean a great deal of information about the dogs in their background, just by knowing the ZL. More on Zucthlinien Here.

Nordfelsen and is predominantly propagated by Don v.

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Rolandsteich and his descendants. Osnabruecker Land and is continued predominantly through Bernd v. Lierberg and his descendants like Pushkass v. Haus Himpel and Olf v. Riedstern primarily through Cliff v. Rudingen leading to Held v. Ritterberg and Jeff v. Flaemings Sand through his sons Flint v. Steiglerhof, Birko v. Wolfshoehle, and most famous of all Lord v.

Maderpfahl and radiates through Ohle v. Rundeck into the studs Fels v. Kemmlerblick and Zorro v. Ritterberg and his brother Grand v. Preserving the DDR lines implies standing still, not improving the line.

We need to preserve the image of the breed as it was and build on top just as they would have done. The standards we look for include powerful, deep chested bodies with almost straight square frames, intimidating presence and supreme intelligence. Working abilities include tracking, athleticism, toughness, climbing abilities, hardiness, and the ability to withstand extreme physical conditions and demands.

These are the strict guidelines imposed on the breed, and resulted in the creation of the DDR Shepherd one the finest working animals the world has ever had, with thanks to a few. Please note that most of the best dogs for breeding and security in the DDR did not go to the Military they went to friends and families of the breeders.

They can make, with proper guidance some of the best family pets you will ever have. This lines are amazing, and as each member of your family is different from the next, puppies are no different.

Once your needs are identified we will help you choose the right new family member or partner. Where it all began…. Get the best out of your dog.Next litter due first of April!! Inmy good friend Cathy, of Rowley, Ma. Together we breed for the best possible qualities such as temperament, health and structure.

We provide dogs to families as well as to the Law Enforcement community. We feel the East German Shepherds are very versatile. They can be trained in many different fields such as obedience, herding, tracking, personal protection, agility, canine good citizen, therapy dog and more.

They are very intelligent dogs who love personal companion work. Close to Salem, Beverly, Peabody, all northshore towns.

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Every Von BarenBerg dog to this day, still has Bonnie's blood in them. At Von BarrenBerg, you know what your getting! Bonnie on right, founder of breeding program, Colorado on left Bonnies daughter.

I would like to share with you just how and why the DDR dog has won my heart. The first "problem dog" was sent to me when I was InI decided to look for a quality dog, one I could train and show for my own pleasure.

The German Shepherd dog always had impressed me, so the search started. Having a good eye for animals, I knew what I wanted, but quickly became more and more discouraged with what I was finding. I didn't take long to knock the American show dog off the list, for to me the physical structure and the character trait of lack of courage were not very appealing.

I knew I wanted a dog with versatility-one that could be trained in different areas, such as TDI Therapy Dog International and protection! The German-bred dogs were the ones to look at, but still, something wasn't right. In some cases the drive was too high, even when we weren't working.

In addition, I still had a certain quality of bone structure and overall character traits that I was looking for. After a long search, I was beginning to think the dog I had pictured in my mind had been lost due to changes in breeding programs over the years. Then one night while reading the Want Ads, I came across an ad that caught my eye.

It was the first time I had heard a DDR shepherd dog ever mentioned. I will never forget the dark, rainy night I drove out to western Massachusetts to look at the dogs.

My search was over! The adults had that unmistakably friendly eye as well as the strong bone and head structure I had been looking for. This is where my beloved "Bonnie" picked me out. Little did I know then how much she would change my life! She was her father's daughter in every way, a masculine female with a sound temperament. She went on to teach me the characteristics so common to the DDR dog: an ideal companion dog for inside the house, as well as a great traveling companion, excited about activities such as camping, mountain climbing, etc.

DDR German Shepherd Dogs :: East German Dog Information

Although an extremely obedient and dedicated companion, I was to learn over the years that performance obedience for showing was not easily achieved. I always told people, "She knows there is no reason to walk circles in a ring!The German shepherd is one of the most popular breeds around the world.

In fact, German shepherds are the second best in popular in the American Kennel Club as well as one of the top five most famous dogs around the world.

Czech German shepherds, or the Czechoslovakian shepherdsoriginated from the Czech border and were mainly bred just like DDR German shepherds.

Bringing “Work” Back To Working Line GSD. Steps To Success

They were bred as working dogs in the Communist Czech since but only became popular when East and West Germany became one again in Since then, they replaced DDR German shepherds in terms of popularity. Additionally, that year, they were bred more as family dogs rather than working dogs.

The DDR vs. Czech German shepherd issue became well known due to their many similarities. For one, both breeds are of the same bloodline, technically speaking. As previously said, they are also of the same origins. There are, however, notable differences between the two and this is what serves as the line that separates DDR vs. Czech German shepherds. As you have seen, they have differences in their temperament drivephysical appearance bone structureand even growth and development maturity.

Either way, a Czech German shepherd will at least have similar characteristics with the standard German shepherd. Czech German shepherdsbeing one of the newest variations in the breed line, have some unique traits.

The Czech dog breeds are characterized by typical German shepherd traits. They have strong jaws, thick skull, pointed ears, and such. Their weight is also similar, with males ranging from 30 to 40 kg and with females from 22 to 32 kg. A male Czech GSD can be as short as 60 cm or can be as tall as 65 cm. Females, however, are shorter weight heights from 55 to 60 cm. Czech GSDs are police dogs and therefore have a powerful-looking structure. Unlike standard GSDs, they have thick paws and a deep chest.


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